Why vote for Trump?

I think one of the main reasons poor, and sometimes marginalized people become supporters of authoritarian rulers, is that the system has generally failed them, and continue to fail them, and they get a glimpse of hope. A false hope, but if you get a $ more a day, it’s a win for them. When “no one” cares about their fate, why should they care about others? They just need to get their head above water.

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Jane Goodall on the Meaning of Wisdom and the Deepest Wellspring of Hope – The Marginalian


“A great deal of our onslaught on Mother Nature is not really lack of intelligence but a lack of compassion… True wisdom requires both thinking with our head and understanding with our heart.”

Gratulerer med dagen Marit (Bjørgen), Ingrid (Kristiansen) & Åge (Alexandersen), Hilsen Odd-Egil.

Why Europeans Recycle Their Batteries and Americans Don’t

Europe’s ubiquitous recycling system for household batteries means virtually none get thrown away. Why doesn’t the US have something similar?

Here I’d like to promote Tomra Systems that make recycling stations for plastic and glass containers.

Gratulerer så mye med 72-årsdagen, Oddvar Brå!

Congratulations on your 72. birthday, Oddvar Brå!

Arnhild Lauveng I NRK P2 I dag

Viktig informasjon.

Changed domain from auran.land to auran.blog.

Forskere vil lage super­datamaskiner av menneskelige hjerneceller

Datamaskiner med kunstig intelligens er mye bedre til å løse noen oppgaver enn menneskehjernen. Men på andre oppgaver er hjernen lysår foran. Nå vil forskere kombinere det beste fra begge.

Ja…dette vil sikkert ende bra…

Seed-Planting Drones Are Reforesting Canada With Lightning Speed

Dropping five seed pods per second into wildfire-scarred lands, aerial tree planting is quickly creating biodiverse forests from the sky.

A Danish wind turbine giant just discovered how to recycle all blades

Wind turbine maker Vestas today announced that it’s figured out how to recycle all wind turbine blades – even ones already sitting in landfills.